UN JC Gallery

Our gallery advances art and its role in multicultural and multiracial societies through the partnership with the community

Sponsored by ​Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid

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​UN Economic and Social Council Member Status NGO


UN JC is a great place to start for pursuing your goals as an artist. UN JC offers more than just an art gallery event space with walls to hang your work on. We provide you with our staff and curators to give your show that added boost.

Internet Promotion- Our excellent web page and SNS network announcing your exhibition.

Art Promotion- Our package for your exhibition will be included with printed invitations cards, email invitation, our SNS network, and the local media.

Installation- We will unpack, install, and if necessary repack the artwork for you after the exhibition. We will provide the service in doing this with the additional fee of sending the item.

Insurance- We provide security for your artwork with our home security system as well as the insurance that your artwork will not be harmed while in the presence of the exhibit.

By signing up for membership in the UN JC art gallery you will be given benefits of receiving information about upcoming events, exhibitions, and general art news.

Please submit your art portfolio if you would like your artwork to be presented in the exhibit. Submit the portfolio to appachoi@gmail.com.