Homeless Man - Prayer for Housing: 22inch X 30inch, pencil, fingerprint with pencil and ink, acrylic paint 

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Homeless Son and Elderly Mother: 22inch X 30inch, pencil, fingerprint with pencil and ink

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Fingerprint Artist, Sang Jin Choi's  Artwork Has Been Selected for the Spring Show at Waldorf West Library, Waldorf, MD!

April 4 - June 25, 2016
"We(CCAA) are pleased to inform you that your artworks titled "Homeless Man - Prayer for Housing" and "Homeless Son and Elderly Mother" have been selected for inclusion in the upcoming Waldorf West Library Gallery Spring Exhibit, taking place from April 4 to June 25, 2016.  This show is proudly presented in partnership between the Charles County Arts Alliance and the Charles County Public Library.

The "Meet the Artists" Public Reception will be Saturday, April 9, 2016, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, at the Waldorf West Library Main Gallery.  This event honors you and your art, so your attendance is required for the entire reception. " -CCAA

For twenty years, Sang Jin Choi also has served homeless people in downtown Washington D.C. He started helping the poor by giving food, clothing, and necessities for them. Through his organization, APPA (Action for Peace through Prayer and Aid), founded in 1996. He has managed many projects with legal aid service, medical clinic service, after-school programs, and church programs for the homeless. There is almost 11,000 homeless people that are in Washington D.C. and 600,000  all around the United States.” He also says that it is not a small amount and that he has many poor people around his neighborhood.  He thinks that we should help and care for them.  

The most impressive thing about his arts is that he used many homeless people's fingerprints and volunteers' fingerprints those who love the homeless, as well as his own fingerprints around the person as their hair and body and also around the city buildings as the sky. Their fingerprints symbolize the engagement and witness of the poor. The grasp and the fingerprints combine to unify a community of love for the poor. -UN JC Gallery


September 21, 2016:

Performing Art for the UN International Day of Peace at the UN Headquarters, New York. Idea and support for performing Korean traditional Taekwondo consisted of multi-racial masters at the opening session of the UN International Day of Peace.


December 10, 2016:

December 10th of each year is the official UN day for Human Rights. This years theme for the Human Rights Day is Human Rights 365, which focuses on how every day of the year IS human rights day for no matter who you are, or where you are, there is a universal declaration that states that we all have rights as a human, which binds us together as a global community. In celebration of the UN Human Rights Day, we have a poster a competition coming up for teenagers with no boundaries as long as the poster pertains to the topic of Human Rights.

* Art works will be given a certificate of authenticity to the art and the artists when put through an exhibition as well as another certificate for entering your work into each exhibition.The UN Economic and Social Council member NGO will issue a certificate as the artists participate in the international events according to the exhibitions.

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