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APPA Poster Campaign Reflection
5 August 2015

    Our group for the poster campaign was Seokhwa Kim, Sharon Kim, Taemin Seo, Caroline Song.

Through this campaign, we were able to learn how to communicate with others. While researching

about the Changdeokgung Palace, we were able to learn more about our Korean culture and history. We learned that the Changdeokgung palace was one of the first royal villas built in Korea. The palace was built in 1405 and was designated as a World Cultural Heritage site in 1997 for its ability to harmonize and integrate with the environment and nature. We met a variety of people, such as Harry from Angola. Although it was difficult to communicate with him because of the language barrier between us, we managed to get the message across. This campaign allowed us to inform him and other people about Korean culture and heritage. Not only was he excited to learn and understand our culture, but he was also engaging in conversations as well and started talking about his own culture’s traditions and heritage. Though we didn’t expect to, we learned a lot about another culture as well. The people that we campaigned to were also very excited when we offered them a Korean traditional face mask necklace. A South Korean student , Taemin Seo, said that the poster campaign was fun because he was able to communicate with foreigners and teach them about designated UNESCO sites. He hopes that they will visit Changdeokgung Palace sometime. Other people were not so interested in our campaign and when we asked them if they wanted to listen, they turned us away. It was a little scary for some of us in the group to go start a conversation with strangers, however we tried our best and overall, it was a good experience. 


Requirements for internships:
-GPA above 2.0
-Degree type of either Associates, Masters, or Bachelors
-4 year college/university, or community college
-Age between 18-26
-Languid in English and/or Korean

Requirements for volunteer curators:
-A student in pursuit of a master’s degree or a graduated student
-Languid in English and/or Korean

Requirements for volunteers:
-Interested in art
-Age above 15 years old
-Languid in English and/or Korean

If requirements are met, please send a letter of interest, resume, and a salary history to: appachoi@gmail.com with your name, date of birth, home address, and phone number.